Tuesday, 22 February 2011

about poetry,about poetry,about poetry

i have been perfoming the whole of last week down here in zimbabwe,harare.its been great.mostly at the book cafe, great place for the arts.its been a crazy month from hanging out with a great band,sukiyaki, to chilling and partying with friends,who says you cant have fun without money.i have been obsesesd with colour and sound,colour and sound which has been featuring in my poetry for a while now.here is a poem to describe my current mood.
purple! red!
the drum calls to me in vibrations o colour
its pound,
its pound calls me,,
carresses me
so deep i am in confllicting emotions
of love and hate,
hate and love.
shall i
shall i give in to the colours of sound
or shall i journey to the depths of my scarred soul?
in conflict i reside
in conflict i exist