Saturday, 20 August 2011

This event is so cool!

Poetry And...Events brings to you Poetry And...Afro Jazz a unique combination of Poetry and Afro Jazz.Live at the Mannenberg Jazz Club, Harare on the 27th of August at 5pm.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Memories of the child in me

In enchanted lonely walks l recall,
Sight :colours in kaleidoscope
Sound: indistinct but familiar.

Nostalgic childhood moments assault.
When I was a child
In thought
And in everything else
The child who now is a distant glimmer in me.
As my brown eyes  follow the journey
Of green lush vines on a brown musty wall
I smile as memories cling.
The sweet scent of a green lawn
And its lasting cold caress
On my neck,
On my arms
And on my belly.
Days spent staring at the blue
Of endless possibilities
In the silent
But not so silent garden.

The Silence and the blue sky,
Silence and blue sky,
My only companion,
My only friend.
Days spent in hushed monologues.
Paces in unending dreams,
Creations deep within
Of newborn hopes
And ideals.
Swelling in neo consciousness.
In momentary Hazy afterthoughts
Of dragonflies,
The  familiar wooden,
Rotting bridge
And the Clear flowing water
Under it.

In enchanted lonely walks l recall
Sight :colours in kaleidoscope
Sound: indistinct but familiar

Lovely enchanted walks.
The rustle and creak
Of tall dry brown grass
on an over tread path.
Deep within mazes of gullibility,
Unheard of fantasies
Filled with  insatiable dreams.
Days Deep within hallucinations of never land
And mysteries of forbidden kingdoms.
Princes and pirates,
Castles and magic,
Fairies and goblins.
In nothingness I grew,
In solitude I became me.

Inside the barricade of a musty wall,
In an enclosed mini Eden
Of green and  brown,
Immersed in the Smell of newly cut grass
And a porch overlooking into my Eden
Is where my love will grow
And my memories will linger
Of the sweet child
Who believed in everything
And in nothing.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Poetry, rock wows Mannenberg - Newsday: Everyday News for Everyday People

Poetry And...Rock at the Mannenberg Jazz Club on the 30th of July, Harare, Zimbabwe. Watch out for the next Poetry And... on the 27th of August,it will be a blast!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Monotony of Being

Hush of country
That awaits for the messiah.

Country forever frozen,
Singing melodies of pain,
Melodies that swell in the air.
of once half buried faces
in the earth,
Of murky
Bloodied rivers
And unbridled cries

Hush of country
That awaits for the messiah.

In silence lies the dread
For the night,
For the descending darkness
With it idle
uresolved, nightmarish dreams.
In the hush lies hope,
Hope that bears no face,
No resemblance.
In hope and silence
Waits a once young man,
Now old haggard and wrinkled.
Who waits under the baobab
For his beloved,
Beloved who ceases to exist.
In excruciating silence
Waits the young for the bus to pass,
For the dust to rise then settle,
For hope to appear then disappear.

Hush of country
That awaits for the messiah

Silent land of dry riverbeds,
Of weary hearts.
Country of mud huts
And cattle pens.
Of the woman in the field,
On the grinding stone,
Of the man in the savannah,
Of the hoe digging,
Rain falling,
Seed sprouting,
Green then brown,
Of seasons
With reasons
Of visions.
Of the grinding stone,
Trudge to the well,
Fire in the hearth,
Of love in the savanna,
Of reasons
For seasons
With visions.

Hush of country
That awaits for the messiah

Monday, 21 March 2011

the band is almost set

was anxious for the past weeks because had not put the band together but all seems well.thank you book cafe open mic,thank you great friends who have pulled out for step rehearsals somebody scream!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

The event yet to rock my life

Poetry and...............My event, the event.its on April 15th, no rain nor thunder can stop it from happening.all i got to say is Funk! Funk!Funk!Its all about the Funk on the 15th i am eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexcited!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

My new awesome Event

So much has been going on but I am excited, I have been writing some good poetry works, Iam proud of them,only problem comes when one has to cram and practise them.
I am now officially an organiser for a poetry event that is on in April, got a lot of work ahead for me, mind you I have been running around like a headless chicken.Its a whole new adventure for me and I cant wait to see it completed.
I will be organising a poetry/music event,a fusion of poetry with some real good music,I call it poetry musical.Watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

crazy week of poetry

Last week was fantasic but a bit crazy.On thursday last week perfomed at the U.S Ambassadors house at a Black History Event, on the comical side i hit my head against a wall lamp  all because i was preocupied with the very appetising drumstick in my hand, i have the mild pain to show for it. Loved being around poets such as me.

We are to the core soft and fragile beings who become aggressive because of the adrenalin passion gives, when i write aggressive i mean agressive when we are on stage.Poetry is beautiful, it is all about wordplay, manipulation of mild phrases, it is the beauty of creation and experimentation.
Today i will be perfoming at an open mic session, going to try perfoming an old but seemingly new piece to the audience.Things are hectic right now,juggling songwriting with my own writing and l am officially a dedicated member of a new project that is to involve the hottest artist Zimbabwe and the World are yet to see.

This week was also really good, had to work it on stage at monday open mic's though having gone with only one poem in mind. I ended up perfoming more than two with a crazy guitarist who was the total opposite of my mood,it worked that way.It was the last day of the black history month and l performed a poem i love so much which isentitled being black.

I am also planning a superfantastic project fusing poetry and music in this psychedelic way,still hushed up but I must work hard to make it an awesome this space. 

let me love and leave you,poetry is calling to me.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

about poetry,about poetry,about poetry

i have been perfoming the whole of last week down here in zimbabwe,harare.its been great.mostly at the book cafe, great place for the arts.its been a crazy month from hanging out with a great band,sukiyaki, to chilling and partying with friends,who says you cant have fun without money.i have been obsesesd with colour and sound,colour and sound which has been featuring in my poetry for a while is a poem to describe my current mood.
purple! red!
the drum calls to me in vibrations o colour
its pound,
its pound calls me,,
carresses me
so deep i am in confllicting emotions
of love and hate,
hate and love.
shall i
shall i give in to the colours of sound
or shall i journey to the depths of my scarred soul?
in conflict i reside
in conflict i exist