Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hush to illusions

Silence I say,

Silence the wail of a breeze,

Of a mother,

O a daughter,

Of a sister.

Silence the half done metaphors

And colloquial jargon

Of the you are mine,

Of the, I am for you,

Of the, I represent you.

Silence the slave in mutated torture,

The slave to the ideology of freedom,

To the ideology of the humanity

That people so possess.

Silence I say,

Silence the slave master,

The colonialist,

The dictator,

Silence the fake etiquette

Of a tainted history

And future.

Silence I say,

Silence the slave of colonialism,

Of war,

Of the misconception of freedom,

Of propaganda.

Silence my configurations of love

And my mental war

To break down the clothes of fear

And to the idea of a painless society.

So silence

My thoughts

And the poisons that drift in the air,

Poisons of manipulation

And control.

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